Cynthia Nixon anti-Semitism smear mailer came from within Governor Cuomo’s campaign team

But in New York's Democratic primary for governor, three key policy differences stick out between the two-term incumbent Andrew Cuomo and the progressive challenger he faces, Cynthia Nixon.

The stakes are high for Mr. Cuomo even if he wins, according to Jeanne Zaino, professor of political science at Iona College in NY.

Asked for comment about the Nixon-BDS story pitch, Cuomo's campaign press secretary Abbey Collins said: "The off the record email forwarded to the New York Post contained published articles and publicly available information on Cynthia Nixon's positions on issues concerning Israel sent for the Post's information - those articles have nothing to do with the wrong and inappropriate mail piece that went out and shouldn't have".

"I know the polls are not showing it but we are feeling such momentum, such momentum not just in New York City but across the state", said Nixon. "ANYTHING I SAY.She's got my vote!"

And in July, Mr. Cuomo was dragged into ugly headlines after the architect of his six-year-old plan to revitalize upstate NY - dubbed "Buffalo Billion" - was convicted in a bid-rigging scheme involving state contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Nixon has hammered Cuomo for failing to address New York City's beleaguered subways and for not following through on pledges to address corruption. "New Yorkers & all NYCHA residents its time to get JUSTICE, VOTE Thur".

Cuomo frequently points out that education spending has increased since he took office, and is now at the highest level ever. I'll tell you who I'm voting for honestly, ' started Schumer before announcing she'd be voting for Cuomo despite that fact that he isn't her 'fav dude'.

Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon is not the only celebrity with eyebrow-raising food tastes. Leecia Eve, a former Cuomo aide, was in fourth.

President Donald Trump might want to keep an eye on the attorney general primary. Rebecca Katz, an adviser for Nixon, tried "with good reason, to dissuade us from filming the harrowing scene", the site wrote. I think the mailer was a mistake.

The flier was then approved by Larry Schwartz, another campaign volunteer who was formerly Cuomo's top lieutenant. "The new voices that we've seen rising up in places around the country, it's a question whether they're a statewide force or just concentrated in some urban areas" Cunningham said. "But for the most part the governor has done what he needs to do in this race". "It might be closer than he prefers, or the polls could be right for a change, but usually when they have spreads this big, things collapse down", Cunningham said.

  • Jacqueline Ellis