Trump Mocks Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford at Mississippi Rally

I don't remember. How'd you get there?

Sen. Lindsey Graham called for a full investigation into the Democratic handling of Dr. Christine Ford's 36-year-old allegation of sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend; saying he intends to get to the bottom of this "despicable process".

In a one-man re-enactment of her appearance before the Judiciary Committee, with his voice alternating between inquisitor and an impression of Ford, Trump challenged the veracity of the testimony that has paused Kavanaugh's confirmation.

"I don't know - over and over", he said, framing Ford's testimony.

"They destroy people, they want to destroy people".

In an interview with NBC, Swetnick seemed to back off some of her initial claims about Kavanaugh, saying she recalled him "giving red Solo cups to quite a few girls during that time frame". Trump told the crowd they should do an online search for "Patrick Leahy slash drink". On critical issues over the previous year, I've watched her vote to raise taxes on Missourians and oppose conservative judges including Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. "I would feel frightful that we destroyed Kavanaugh", said Graham.

"We're in the midst of a manufacturing renaissance - something which nobody thought you'd hear", Trump said in a speech to the National Electrical Contractors Association Convention a day after celebrating the new North American trade deal. "'I had one beer, '" he began.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said a vote will take place this week after the FBI wraps up its supplemental investigation into claims against Kavanaugh, which now includes allegations of drinking problems.

Imitating Ford, he added, "But I had one beer - that's the only thing I remember". "Like a baby", Trump said. "That is a very, very hard standard", Trump said outside the White House before leaving on a visit to Philadelphia.

Senator McConnell said a vote would happen on Mr Kavanaugh's nomination by the end of the week.

A vocal minority of the crowd Tuesday backed the other conservative in the race, McDaniel, a state senator, and booed Hyde-Smith when Trump introduced her. "He did this, he did that, he did that and, honestly, it's a very unsafe period in our country", Trump said during a news conference in NY.

During a news conference at the United Nations last week, Trump suggested he was concerned that #MeToo might go too far.

A witness said that a friend of Kavanaugh's then threw a glass that hit the same patron in the ear, causing bleeding.

"Think of your son, think of your husband", he said.

  • Jon Douglas