US First Lady lands in Kenya for two-day visit

She was visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, today when a Secret Service agent - wearing those trademark sunglasses - suddenly rushed forward to grab the First Lady.

Everywhere she has visited during her trip across Africa this week, first lady Melania Trump has cradled infants and held children.

Dressed in riding pants, boots and a white safari hat, she took photos and peered through binoculars for a closer look at zebras, giraffes, impalas, rhinos and hippos.

Egypt is the final stop on a four-nation tour of the continent to highlight child welfare, education and tourism and conservation. "Meeting those children and understanding their different way of life is why I wanted to travel here", Mrs Trump said.

Melania landed at JKIA on Thursday night having concluded her trip to Ghana and Malawi. "Do U?" jacket she wore on the way to visit detained migrant children in Texas in June.

On her trip, Trump has promoted the advocacy initiative "Be Best", which she launched earlier this year.

Sporting a white pith helmet, US first lady Melania Trump on Friday went on a short safari outside Nairobi, taking.

Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States has this evening jetted into the country aboard Air force plane.

But the current First Lady's tour sits at uncomfortable odds with her husband's policies, through which funding for foreign charities have faced major cuts since he came to power.

At the primary school, the first lady watched dozens of pupils sitting on the ground in the sun as a teacher taught on a blackboard on the side of a building.

He also called for the elimination of basic education funding for Malawi, proposed a $170 million cut to the State Department's worldwide maternal and child health programs and tried to nix $425 million in USA assistance to the Global Fund, which helps combat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

"Thank you for having me here and thank you for a lovely warm welcome", Trump told her hosts, adding that she wanted to be in Malawi to see the success of American programs here.

The New York Times noted Mrs Trump spent much of her time expressing her appreciation to her hosts, repeatedly thanking them for welcoming her.

But to some - especially those who study African history - her fashion choice in Kenya was still a big error on the global stage: the sight of a first lady wearing something so closely associated with the exploitation of Africans.

  • Jon Douglas