PlayStation 4 Units Are Apparently Being Bricked By A Mysterious Message

Exactly the same thing - got a message, controller stopped working and audio cut out.

Some users have claimed that doing a factory reset will delete the message and fix the problem, while others have claimed that the only way to fix the error is to delete the message using the PlayStation mobile app or by logging into the account from a browser and deleting the message that way. Sony's PS4 Messaging app is free to download and offered for both iOS and Android devices. Options for that setting include allowing messages from anyone, friends only, or no one. Reports began to circulate on Reddit about the console-breaking bug, which apparently comes in the form of an unintelligible message that's appearing in the inboxes of some PS4s.

Reddit user Qraeshawn said: "I had a player named Zilla-Trickz that sent me 7 messages saying: Fortnite [] 3, but the heart was an emoji".

If you're anxious about this happening to you or someone you know, you can take steps to prevent it. Messaging, and set Messages to either Friends (if you trust them) or No One. "Messages" via the Sony Entertainment Network website and clicking the edit button near Messages to change your default settings.

To prevent the possibility of your console being affected, users can go the the Settings menu in their PS4 and change their privacy settings so the option to receive messages is turned off.

Users are also being warned that the console may crash not only when you open the message but also if you receive the notification.

As of right now, there is no comment from Sony regarding the PS4 messaging hack. This is especially true if you play competitive games and have bad luck with people who take losses poorly or are just plain trolls.

  • Latoya Cobb