Google Pixel 3 XL teardown confirms Samsung AMOLED display

Verizon has announced that it has temporarily removed SIM locks from Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices, including those sold at Best Buy.

Verizon confirmed to The Verge that Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones sold by Verizon won't be unlocked as some people may have expected. However, the new development seems like their deal is officially closed, at least for Google Pixel devices. On the use of SIM-locking in general, Verizon representatives have been quoted saying the carrier is "assessing where it will be implemented in the future". Verizon has not yet clarified if it's enough to stick in an active Verizon SIM to perform the activation but even the 24-hour wait might be a hassle. Of course, this did mean that buyers of the phone hoping to use it on another network would first need to activate the phone on Verizon's network to gain the unlock.

According to a report by GizmoChina, the LG OLED display panel used inside the Pixel 3 is the same one Google used for the last year's Pixel 2 XL. The company said that it has initiated this new policy to help reduce theft at its retail stores.

This causing early Pixel 3 buyers, especially those from Best Buy, some frustration.

Google's latest phone officially launched yesterday, and for the third time, Verizon is the only carrier selling the new Pixels directly.

The Pixel 3 XL is slightly less repair-friendly than the previous generation of Google flagships due to an increased amount of adhesive used in its construction. But rest assured that Verizon is likely to bring the restrictions back online at some point.

  • Latoya Cobb