Dead brothel owner elected to legislative seat

When Hof died, it was already too late to remove his name from the ballot, and ballots had already been printed and mailed.

Around 20 brothels operate in Nevada - the only U.S. state where prostitution is legal.

A Nevada brothel owner and reality TV star who died last month won a heavily Republican state legislative district Tuesday night.

Dennis Hof, 72, defeated Democratic candidate and educator Lesia Romanov in the race for Nevada's 36th Assembly District, earning about 68 percent of the vote.

This set the expectations of Hof's campaign manager, Chuck Muth, high; as he suggested voters would still opt for the deceased Republican ahead of the General Elections.

His campaign manager, Chuck Muth, announced the death on Twitter the following day, stating that he had been found unresponsive by Jeremy himself. The assembly district is located in three counties - Clark, Lincoln and Nye - and touches both California and Utah and includes the Nevada National Security Site where nuclear weapons were once tested.

Hof was found dead at his Love Ranch brothel about an hour outside Las Vegas.

"They will feel much more comfortable casting the ballot for him, knowing there will be another Republican to replace him", he said shortly after the pimp's passing.

Hof was accused of sexual assault at least four times, most recently in September. Odom entered a coma but survived.

US Mid Terms: Who is Dennis Hof?

After Hof won the June nominating contest for the state Assembly seat, some evangelicals in his district said they had voted for him because they believed he would clean up politics and not be beholden to special-interest groups and their money.

Dennis Hof had attempted to mould his political image on that of President Donald Trump, often referring to himself as "Trump from Pahrump" after his hometown in Nevada, according to reports.

  • Jon Douglas