Elizabeth II invited mom Meghan Markle to celebrate Christmas together

The source also says Harry is "enormously fond of his mother-in-law", and she's been spending time at the couple's home, including two extended vacations this summer. Girlfriends, even if they're engaged, were never part of the exclusive trip.

The move is somewhat unprecedented, as a member outside of the Royal family has not been invited to stay at the Norfolk estate during the Christmas period before.

Now that Markle is a member of the royal family, getting involved in politics won't be as simple. "Normally, the protocol is pretty strict". It is known that Meghan hasn't got any family in the United Kingdom, so it would be very nice to have her mother near her. The 37-year-old mum-to-be also posted a lengthy article in 2016 about voting, which was uploaded on her now closed-down blog, The Tig. Then, all summer long, the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex was embroiled in a very public feud with her estranged father, Thomas Markle, and her step-sister Samantha who seemed to take interview after interview to publicly disparage the actress with name-calling and rude comments.

Meghan will attend not one but two church services on Christmas Day.

It will be Doria's first time hanging with the royal family since watching her daughter walk down the aisle to marry Prince Harry in May, though she did jet over to London for the launch of Meghan's cookbook in September.

The Duchess of Cambridge's family has joined the royals at church on Christmas morning but they have stayed at nearby Anmer Hall rather than Sandringham itself.

A source close to the royals told the news outlet that the invite is a "very thoughtful gesture", especially since Meghan is very close with Doria, who is rumored to be moving to the U.K.to be closer to her pregnant daughter.

  • Jacqueline Ellis