White House threatens Acosta’s press pass again; CNN seeks hearing

CNN has called on a federal court to hold emergency proceedings after the White House said it would again revoke press access to correspondent Jim Acosta despite a temporary restraining order to reinstate him.

In response, CNN is asking the U.S. District Court for another emergency hearing.

"The White House is continuing to violate the First and Fifth Amendments of the constitution", the network said in a statement on Sunday.

The report says that CNN had meant to "resolve this dispute amicably" by working with the White House and the White House Correspondents' Association "to establish protocols" for press conferences "on a going forward basis". You can't give notice after taking official action, though; due process typically requires giving the person being targeted a chance to make his case before the government acts. His hard pass was revoked later that day.

CNN's lawyers had signaled a willingness to settle after prevailing in court on Friday. Well, they were up against a hard deadline today: After granting the TRO to Acosta on Friday, Judge Timothy Kelly wanted a "status report" from both parties about how to resolve the matter by 3 p.m.

So CNN and Acosta are seeking a hearing on a preliminary injunction "for the week of November 26, 2018, or as soon thereafter as possible", according to Monday's filing. Instead, the letter from Shine and Sanders was an "attempt to provide retroactive due process", the filing alleged. Since Kelly was following Sherrill, there's every reason to believe that the White House would have lost even if it had dotted its I's and crossed its T's on notifying Acosta beforehand that his pass was about to disappear.

CNN wins court order against the Trump administration after the White House revoked the CNN reporter's credentials. "It adds that "'Yielding the floor' includes. physically surrendering the microphone to White House staff".

Why'd the White House back down when it looked this morning like they were planning to fight on?

Trump - as well as other senior administration officials - have railed against CNN, telling voters the news outlet is an adversary that pushes "fake news".

Announcing its decision on Monday, the White House also issued "rules governing future press conferences".

"If he misbehaves", Trump said, apparently referring to Acosta, "we'll throw him out or we'll stop the news conference".

The letter signaled that the Trump administration wants to continue fighting Acosta, despite the round one setback in court, rather than seeking an out-of-court settlement.

  • Jon Douglas