Baker Mayfield snubs Hue Jackson in handshake line after game

The former Heisman victor has got the city of Cleveland buzzing, and entering Sunday's game in Cincinnati, the Browns boasted a 3-6-1 record, which might be not be ideal for most franchises, but given that the Browns had gone 1-31 over the course of two seasons, it's definitely a sign of progress. Jackson was on the Bengals' sideline for their game against Cleveland on Sunday, which the Browns dominated to the tune of a 35-20 victory.

There is no love lost between Baker Mayfield and his former coach Hue Jackson.

Within weeks, he had landed as a special assistant to head coach Marvin Lewis with the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland's division rival in the AFC North.

It's bad enough he was sacked as head coach of the Cleveland Browns earlier this season, but Sunday put the icing on the cake. Jackson previously served as Bengals offensive coordinator from 2014-2015. Things happen in pro football.

ESPN analyst Damien Woody fell in the critical camp, comparing Jackson's hiring with the Bengals to Mayfield's decision to transfer within the Big 12. "You can get fired, go to other teams", Woody said.

Baker Mayfield Instagram response

"Not even comparable... I didn't lose 30+ games be fake and then do that... Good try though buddy", Mayfield wrote.

Keep in mind, too, that these comments from Brees came before the Saints and Browns met in Week 2, one game before Mayfield made his debut in a relief appearance in a win over the Jets in Week 3.

The meeting marked the first time Cleveland had faced Cincinnati since Jackson joined Marvin Lewis's coaching staff as a special assistant after Jackson was sacked as the Browns coach earlier this season.

The controversy surrounding his relationship with Jackson overshadowed an otherwise solid day for the 2018 first overall pick.

With the win, the Browns earned their second straight with interim coach Gregg Williams to improve to 4-6-1.

  • Angelo Rivera