Ivanka Trump: My Private Email Use Doesn't Compare to Hillary's

Numerous emails were in violation of public records rules, the paper reported.

Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's daughter and White House adviser, and Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the heavily Hispanic Idaho school district Tuesday to trumpet her workforce development initiative promoting science, technology, engineering and math, White House officials said.

Some are also drawing a comparison between Ivanka Trump's personal email use and that of 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state.

The Washington Post reported this month that she used the personal email account to conduct official government business.

Last week the Washington Post reported the eldest daughter of President Donald Trump, whose official title is assistant to the president, a year ago sent hundreds of emails to White House aides, cabinet members, and her assistants from a personal email account.

Mrs Trump, who serves as an adviser to her father, Donald Trump, said there was "no equivalency" between her situation and that of Mrs Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election days after the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced it was investigating newly discovered emails sent to or by the Democratic candidate.

In the ABC interview, Ivanka Trump also said she and her family have nothing to fear from the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

ABC News Ivanka Trump sits down with ABC News Deborah Roberts for an exclusive interview Nov. 27 2018
ABC News Ivanka Trump sits down with ABC News Deborah Roberts for an exclusive interview Nov. 27 2018

In recent days, President Trump has repeatedly attacked Mueller.

The White House advisor was asked about the White House's immigration policies, and in a voice slightly above a whisper, Ivanka tried her damnedest to perform what is known as "human empathy".

Trump said that any emails in her private account were properly archived and did not contain any classified information. "In fact, we're instructed that if we receive an email to our personal account that could relate to government work, you simply just forward it to your government account so it can be archived". "It also makes me angry and makes me angry that we haven't been able to come together as a nation and change our laws", she said. "There is no attempt to hide", she said, adding, "There's no equivalency to what my father's spoken about".

Clinton similarly denied having classified emails on her private server.

"But the President told reporters at Mar-a-Lago last week that he's "given the OK" to use lethal force on the border, adding that he "(hopes) they don't have to".

'I know the facts as they relate to me and my family, and so I have nothing to be concerned about, ' she said. "And I think after this long period of time, we're well beyond that point, so I think it absolutely should reach its conclusion".

In an interview on Good Morning America, Ivanka Trump, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, addressed claims that the American people don't know what she stands for politically.

  • Jon Douglas