Project Fi becomes Google Fi, finally comes to iPhones

Google's Project Fi wireless service, one of the most capable phone plans around, just got a huge facelift.

While the service does support additional handsets other than Google's own Pixel smartphones, the list hasn't been extensive.

Again, we'll update this post as we have more.

Fi has become popular in recent years because of its unique approach compared with most other carriers. Alternatively, if you'd rather set up Google Fi on your current phone, you'll earn $200 of Fi service credit when you sign up today.

Before Wednesday's announcement, Google Fi only worked with a small number of Android phones: four LG and Moto phones, and Google-branded devices such as Pixel and Nexus phones.

Project Fi's biggest problem has always been the limited device support, but, along with the rebrand, Google says Fi "now works with the majority of Android devices and iPhones". Carrier partnerships with both Sprint and T-Mobile allowed Project Fi subscribers to get the best network connectivity wherever they were, and a simple pricing model of $20 per month for baseline service and $10 for every gigabyte of data offered clarity about just what subscribers were getting for their money. And because the program is still in beta, Google says users are required to go through a "few extra steps" to get the service working via the Google Fi iOS app.

Today's wider compatibility announcement isn't really fixing this problem. But in general, iPhones will have access to calls, texts, and data powered by T-Mobile's network.

Other perks include worldwide coverage outside of the U.S. in 170 countries and territories, spam protection, and data-only SIMs for other devices, flawless for iPads. You will also receive voicemails as texts and have them transcribed. The iPhone 5c, 5, or older don't appear to work on Google Fi. Still, even without the Wi-Fi LTE hand-off, you'll have pretty good combined coverage from three LTE carriers and a great value for those who dont use too much data on an individual plan. For any phone purchased through the Fi website, Google says you'll get "the same value back in your choice of travel gift cards, which you can spend on flights with Delta and Southwest or lodging with Airbnb and" (because Fi has great global support, get it?).

  • Latoya Cobb