Number of Google Assist Devices Edges Towards 1 Billion

After all, the younger, trendier Google Assistant was also deemed smarter and more intuitive a number of times by different analysts of late.

Google has also worked to expand Assistant into other parts of the world.

Premium speakers like the Sonos One and Sonos Beam will be getting the update to enable things like music, podcast, and radio playback via voice, and Sonos has also announced that older Sonos speakers will be getting Assistant capabilities as well. At the office, Google Assistant will play well with G Suite.

And as we've seen in the past few years, the smart home industry has made several advancements with major brands like Google and Amazon at the forefront of innovation.

Today before their big booth opens at CES 2019, Google announced a pretty incredible statistic regarding the Google Assistant: it's about to become available on over one billion devices worldwide. Do you already use one?

Both Apple and Google have been trying to get people to buy their smart home speakers, but Amazon has sold way more devices in this category.

According to Samsung, the new Samsung TV's will understand and execute commands they received from Alex or Google assistant, but the only built-in voice helper will continue to be Bixby.

Manuel Bronstein, VP of Google Assistant, during an interview where he expressed Google's interest in tackling lower-end cell phones. The company said the number of smart devices that connect with Google Assistant increased more than 600 percent since past year. Instead, they are focusing on the continued expansion of their partnerships with manufacturers to create new and more capable smart home devices powered by the Assistant. One of those devices is the DISH Hopper, this is going to allow you to search for content based on the actor, genre, title or channel, using your voice.

In this freakish scenario, it's not hard to imagine commanding your Amazon Echo to play a movie you bought through Apple's iTunes on your new Samsung TV.

  • Latoya Cobb