Donald Trump associate Roger Stone arrested

He did not enter a plea.

Stone has given varying accounts about whether he had advance knowledge that WikiLeaks would post a cache of private emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee, some of which embarrassed Democratic leaders and led to the resignation of the party chairwoman in the final weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign. The Trump campaign knew about Stone's involvement in seeking information on the Democrats, the complaint states. "This was an investigation they started as about Russian collusion and now they're charging Roger Stone with lying to Congress about something he honestly forgot about, and as Roger has stated publicly before, he will fight the charges".

Mueller's indictment alleges that after the House, Senate, and Special Counsel's office began investigating possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia, Stone took steps to hide his involvement with WikiLeaks, including through threats to radio show host Randy Credico, who was allegedly acting as an intermediary between Stone and WikiLeaks. Corsi is referred to as Person 1 in the indictment, and Credico as Person 2.

FBI agents arrested Stone at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before dawn, and he is due in federal court there later in the day. "Open the door!" according to the footage obtained by CNN.

A number of law enforcement vehicles with silent sirens flashing pulled in front of Stone's home on a darkened Ft. And reading through the indictment, Stone is constantly involved in messy daytime soap-style drama and controversy. While Stone said he expects to be released after his court appearance later today on a personal recognizance bond, he is expecting to travel to DC next week for arraignment.

The Mueller investigation has produced charges against dozens of people. The almost two-year-old probe has exposed multiple contacts between Trump associates and Russian Federation during the campaign and transition period and revealed efforts by several to hide those communications.

His lawyer, Grant Smith, told Reuters that Stone would "vigorously" contest the charges.

Trump on Friday called the investigation the "Greatest Witch Hunt in the History of our Country!" His political career began with the Nixon presidential campaign in 1972. He has also pushed several conspiracy theories and was an early and vocal supporter of Trump's candidacy.

Gates had a longtime business relationship with the campaign's chairman, Paul Manafort, who once ran a Washington lobbying firm with Stone.

He briefly served on Mr Trump's campaign, but was pushed out amid infighting with then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Stone continued occasionally communicating with Trump and stayed plugged into his circle of advisers, both formal and informal.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders refused Friday to deny that President Trump was the person who directed a "senior" official on his campaign to contact Roger Stone urging him to get stolen emails from WikiLeaks.

Much of what was laid out in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's indictment about Stone's communication with WikiLeaks already was known, often through public statements made by Stone himself.

After Wikileaks released its second batch of emails, Stone bragged to "senior Trump Campaign officials" that he had correctly predicted the data dump, according to the indictment. He says his committee will be eager to learn who directed the official.

Stone briefly worked for the Trump campaign but left in August 2015.

It was a reference to "The Godfather: Part II", federal prosecutors pointed out in their indictment of Stone on Friday.

Stone still possessed many of those communications when he gave false testimony about them, prosecutors said in the indictment. You're saying Roger Stone lied?

  • Jon Douglas