School closures as sub-zero cold chills US Midwest

IMPACTS: No concerns to travel for most of the day Sunday, but once the snow arrives, expect road conditions to deteriorate rather quickly. Monday is looking messy with rain changing to snow as another clipper system sweeps the area and brings a quick drop in temperatures.

The weather agency says it's likely to be a light dusting with snowfall accumulations of less than an inch across our area - but adds, "Stay tuned to updates regarding accumulations to this possible event". Temperatures will fall below freezing, allowing snow to begin accumulating.

Winds will be lighter throughout the weekend, but temperatures remain cold in the single digits for highs. Sunday night into Monday we should clear most of the cloud cover and allow for a bit of sunshine through the morning hours of Monday.

She added: "As we move overnight into Sunday the low pressure continues to edge its way east, we pick up this northern wind so we drag in some significantly colder air from the Arctic".

Temperatures in central IL bottomed out even lower at the same time, with Rochelle getting down to minus 23. Snow showers are possible in the morning, but impactful accumulation appears unlikely at this time.

Temperatures will tumble through the teens during Thursday afternoon with overnight low temperatures in the teens below zero by Friday morning.

Those most at risk in the cold are the homeless, people who are under-housed, people who work outside, people with a pre-existing heart condition or respiratory illness, the elderly, babies and young kids. Wind speeds will be high, coming in from the northwest around 10-20 miles per hour.

  • Jon Douglas