Super Bowl LIII on CBS

When is the Super Bowl pregame show?

As the saying goes, nothing in this world is certain, except death, taxes, and Tom Brady playing in the Super Bowl.

Ted Rath, the Rams' strength and "get back" coach, will miss the Super Bowl as he recovers from a medical procedure.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will hope to continue his impressive mark against high-scoring teams when his team takes on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

If viewership of previous Super Bowls is any gauge, more than 100 million Americans - about one-third of the people in the country - will watch the game on television. Apparently it's to keep his players on their toes and continue learning.

The Super Bowl Today pregame show airs until kickoff.

It's the fourth appearance for the Rams, who last played in the Super Bowl in 2002 when they were defeated by the Patriots. His grandfather John McVay is a previous head coach of the University of Daytona and New York Giants as well as former general manager of the San Francisco 49ers involved in orchestrating five consecutive Super Bowl winning seasons. "When you put on your uniform, you carry the heartbeat of a city, a team, a dream that will live forever". If McVay gets too close to the chalk line on the field, Rath redirects him. McVay has single-handedly changed the league with his success; his mold is one teams will follow for years to come. He is easily the top target in this game and for teams looking for a versatile, reliable defensive lineman that can play any position if asked.

  • Jacqueline Ellis