'Fortnite' collabs with Marshmello for a live in-game concert. Seriously.

Fortnite is no stranger to unusual in-game events that seem to go against the grain of its stated reason for existence: players shooting at other players. As I referenced in my blog post over the weekend "In game live experiences like this are nothing new...". At the time of writing, the venue is set up and ready for the in-game Marshmello concert that will take place Saturday.

The show on February 2 was an absolute blast for players from all around the world, as they were able to drop into the Battle Royale island and witness a free concert. There's just something about massive community events that bring people together.

If you missed it, don't worry, we suspect there are quite a few people who streamed the event and are uploading to YouTube as we speak.

Concerned about dying or being eliminated during the Marshmello concert? But what made the concert even cooler was the fact that Epic had programmed certain things to happen during specific moments.

Sources are telling me there were more than *10 million concurrent players* watching the @marshmellomusic concert in @FortniteGame today - on top of the millions watching online.

Each of these challenges rewards you with a special prize.

The first of the Showtime challenges asks you to search a Showtime poster. Construction work on the stage began earlier in the week, as players discovered when they ventured into the Pleasant Park section of the game's map and visited the football field found there. To commemorate this performance, there will be a Marshmello skin, a Marsh-Walk emote as well as a Marshmello-inspired glider.

  • Jacqueline Ellis