Fortnite allows players to merge accounts

To carry out the account merge, at least one account must have played on Xbox One or Switch, and the other on the PlayStation 4, before September 28.

Eventually, Sony relented and opened up multiplayer cross-play between PS4 players, and gamers on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch - but the accounts were still separated.

Here is basically how it works: Using the Fortnite merging tool, choose the platform your primary account is on. Simply decide on which of your two accounts you'd like to keep, then log into both and voila: your v-bucks and items should all move to your chosen account.

Fortnite account merges are now possible, a little over half a year after cross-platform incompatibility issues came to a head.

The process can be started by visiting the Account Merge page and going through the steps.

Banned and disabled accounts can not be merged, obviously.

The account merging will not only affect the battle royale version of the game, as Save The World will also be affected when accounts see a merge by a player. If you used a third-party login (liked Facebook) on both of your accounts, it will be automatically unlinked from the secondary account.

Sign in to the primary account. You can unlink it prior to merging.

Two weeks after that, cosmetic items and V-Bucks will be transferred to the player's primary account. Yes, the account merging tool is finally live, allowing players to turn two accounts into one.

Players who have had their accounts banned or disabled will not be able to transfer items from their abandoned profile.

Epic's account-merging feature combines your purchases (and some game progress) to the account you use regularly, and deletes any other account you made because you had to. The only problem is that it takes time and you will not be allowed to use the secondary account for around two weeks.

It's not quite as simple as that, and developers Epic Games have mapped out a few terms and conditions players should be aware of. Do you at all play Fortnite on a regular basis? After that, Epic Games will transfer all of what you have in that account to the main account you selected.

  • Latoya Cobb