Cannabis smoker finds tiger in abandoned house in Texas

A Texas man who entered an abandoned home to smoke marijuana on Monday found a tiger in the garage, according to authorities.

Crews nicknamed him "Tyson" after a character in the movie "The Hangover". "It was secured with a nylon strap and a screwdriver for the top of the cage", said Alderete.

"Finding a forever home for a tiger is not easy", said Krahn, who is now caring for six exotic animals at a cost of more than $1million.

"People think that it is fun or that it is cool to have an exotic pet", Cottingham also said yesterday, USA Today reported.

A stoner couple entered an abandoned house in Houston to get high, but almost became prey when they stumbled across a live tiger. "He could have gone on a rampage in the city - anything could have happened!"

It's legal to own a tiger in Texas if the owner has a wild game permit.

The case is still under investigation and it's unclear if the owner will face any charges.

Neighbor Pablo Briagas told KHOU seeing Tyson was an unsettling experience.

Cottingham said a wildlife refuge can take the female tiger, but not until Tuesday, so it will be spending the night at the BARC shelter "safely secured from our other animals".

"A pretty small cage inside basically a garage in a house that didn't look like it was in the best shape". "A lot of kids around the street too". "She was thirsty and wasn't especially threatening [but] they did tranquilize her just before they transported her".

  • Jon Douglas