Trump Says He Didn't Ask Whitaker to Change Hush-Money Probe

McCabe has recounted in interviews how he chose to open counterintelligence and obstruction of justice investigations targeting Trump shortly after the president fired James Comey as FBI director in May 2017. See "Trump blasts back after New York Times publisher decries "enemy of the people" attacks" from The Guardian last July. However, labeling an entire news organization as an enemy of the people is risky.

There is no evidence that Whitaker intervened with the investigation underway in the Southern District.

When asked by reporters Tuesday afternoon if he talked to Mr. Whitaker about the recusal, Mr. Trump responded, "No, I don't know who gave you that".

In a statement from the Justice Department, a spokesperson said, "the White House has not asked Whitaker to interfere in any investigations".

"The President's brazen public behaviour might be his best defence", wrote the Times.

For more than two years, the public has known of serious allegations that President Donald Trump's campaign coordinated with Russian Federation as it carried out an allegedly criminal operation to influence the 2016 American election. Cohen's lawyer said he was undergoing intensive post-surgery physical therapy and spending substantial time getting ready to testify. Trump later said Comey's dismissal was prompted by his concerns about the investigation of possible ties between his campaign and Russian Federation. The former Federal Bureau of Investigation official also has stated "it's possible" that Trump could be a Russian asset. When Mr Comey did not do so, the President flew into a rage before firing him - at which point Mr Mueller was hired and matters got much worse.

Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy said Wednesday that a report claiming President Trump asked if a USA attorney could lead the probe into Michael Cohen despite his recusal is "all wind and no rain".

The Times- and so help me I am not making this up - illustrated this 947-thousand word crack investigative article by crack investigators with a full page of charts showing exactly how many times the president complained about being the target of a completely bogus investigation into a completely imaginary incident. Since it has been revealed that prosecutors believe the president directed Cohen to carry out a campaign finance crime and that he lied to Congress about the Trump Organization's dealings with Russia, Trump now reportedly believes Rosenstein may have deliberately misled him.

The probe centres on payments made by Michael Cohen, Trump's attorney at the time, to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, who allegedly had affairs with Trump.

  • Jon Douglas