Bernie Sanders refuses to call Venezuela's Maduro a 'dictator'

He said government aides confiscated the network's equipment.

The story is devloping....

On the Monday evening broadcast, Univision news anchor Patricia Janiot said on the air that Ramos and his colleagues were arbitrarily detained because "apparently the governor Nicolás Maduro was bothered by the questions Jorge Ramos asked him".

The event was the first meeting for the Lima Group since a failed push to get US -donated aid into Venezuela.

Univision spokesman Jose Zamora told CNN that Maduro objected to Ramos' questions about the current political crisis.

Venezuela's Government accuses the United States, which is openly pushing for Mr Maduro to step down, of attempting to orchestrate a coup.

Univision's news executives were able to find out what happened, he said, because "Jorge managed to call us". But "in the middle of the call, they took his phone away", Zamora said.

During a visit to the Colombia border city of Cucuta last week, Rubio warned Venezuelan soldiers that they would commit a "crime against humanity" if they blocked the entry of US aid being channeled through rivals of Maduro.

"They didn't give us our equipment, nor our material", he said.

Kimberly Breier, an official at the U.S. State Department, confirmed Ramos, a U.S. citizen who was born in Mexico, and his team were being held against their will.

After Juan Guaidó called for a minute's silence for the five people who lost their lives in the aid initiative, Pence told the global press and presidents from across Latin America that it was "unconscionable that Maduro blocked hundreds of tonnes of aid from getting to his impoverished people", and repeatedly denounced that the dictator "danced while trucks full of aid and medicine burned".

Ramos elaborated this confiscation was performed by Venezuelan security agents after the lights were turned off in the room.

In addition, Ramos said at the end of the interview he showed Maduro a video shot last Sunday of three children in Venezuela behind a trash truck looking for food.

  • Jon Douglas