Kim Jong Un signals willingness to denuke -- again

"Great meetings" and a "Very good dialogue", Trump said on Twitter after dinner with Kim at Hanoi's French-colonial-era Metropole hotel while the White House said the two planned to sign a "joint agreement" after further talks on Thursday.

Trump blamed the breakdown on North Korea's insistence that all the punishing sanctions the USA has imposed on Pyongyang be lifted without the North committing to eliminate its nuclear arsenal.

The two leaders exchanged "many good ideas" over dinner the previous night, Trump said, but did not elaborate on the topics discussed.

As Trump and Kim hold their second summit in Vietnam's Hanoi, here's a selection of key quotes about their relationship.

South Korea's Unification Ministry, which deals in affairs with North Korea, couldn't confirm whether it was the first time Kim answered a question from a foreign journalist.

President Donald Trump said he walked out of his 2nd summit with Kim Jong Un after the 2 leaders could not agree on a deal to relieve NKorea of United States sanctions in exchange for Pyongyang giving up much of its nuclear weapons program.

South Korea's presidential Blue House said in a statement that it believes the USA and North Korea deepened their understandings of each other during their "long and deep discussions" in Hanoi. "We're in position to do something very special". "I very much appreciate no testing of nuclear rockets, missiles, any of it, very much appreciate it".

The United Nations and the USA tightened sanctions on North Korea after a flurry of nuclear and missile tests in 2016-2017.

After the short Q&A session with journalists, Kim and Trump sat one-on-one at the negotiating table for about half an hour, with only translators being present.

In something of a role reversal, Trump deliberately ratcheted down some of the pressure on Pyongyang, abandoning his fiery rhetoric and declaring he wanted the "right deal" over a rushed agreement.

That first historic summit in Singapore produced little more than a vaguely worded document committing to "complete denuclearization" and observers say concrete steps will need to be laid out at their second meeting in Hanoi. We want to be happy with what we're doing.

"If I'm not willing to do that, I won't be here right now".

Trump risks squandering vital leverage if he gives away too much, too quickly, critics said.

Moon had hoped to follow the Trump-Kim meeting with his own fourth summit with Kim, preferably in South Korea's capital, Seoul.

While one military analyst sees "tangible evidence" of a "ratcheting down of tensions" between the USA and North Korea, he worries that the rogue state will benefit without making nuclear concessions.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Streets in Hanoi were thronged with onlookers as the two leaders passed by Why a second summit? A political declaration to end the war and perhaps diplomatic liaison offices would enable Kim to harness changes to North Korean society, like a rapid expansion of markets, argues Bob Carlin.

Trump took Kim's threats of nuclear attack seriously, according to Mr Graham.

Trump reiterated North Korea's potential, if a deal can be done, saying the isolated country could be an "economic powerhouse".

Even as the two sides sparred over the exact meaning of the vaguely-worded Singapore declaration, with Pyongyang accusing Washington of "gangster-like" behaviour, Trump boasted of his rapport with Kim, who he said had proclaimed his "unwavering faith" in the U.S. president.

  • Jon Douglas