Support for Impeaching President Trump Ticks Up Since Michael Cohen Testimony

Democrats took control of the House from Trump's fellow Republicans in January.

The White House has beefed up its legal team.

We know that these federal and state enforcement agencies are investigating the Trump Organization, the Trump Campaign, the Trump Transition, the Trump Inauguration Committee, the Trump Foundation, and the Trump Presidency for assorted criminal conduct. Democrats are also planning to request the president's tax returns formally in two weeks, Politico reported.

Trump told reporters after Nadler's probe was announced that "I cooperate all the time with everybody".

Tlaib said during her news conference, "It's really important that the President of the United States is investigated in violations of the United States Constitution", highlighting, in particular, the emoluments clause, prohibiting gifts or benefits from foreign governments. "And I said 'baby, they don't because we're gonna go in there and impeach the motherf*****'".

"Contrary to what Nadler and company claim, none of this is about exercising their constitutional right to oversight of the executive branch", Ingraham said.

Nadler is doing so "for the sole objective of creating a political spectacle and to continue it right up until the last vote is counted in 2020", Ingraham warned.

While Tlaib's resolution is not expected to gain much traction in the immediate future - Democratic leadership and key committee chairs have stressed that they're not at the impeachment stage in their investigations - Tlaib's proposal highlights the extent to which a vocal faction of the House Democratic caucus is intent on pushing the issue immediately. "This is a political war - all of this that you're seeing around you".

Trump called the onslaught of wide-ranging House investigations, in all caps, "presidential harassment" on Twitter on Tuesday. And President Donald Trump is venting against Democratic prying. The committee said there might be additional requests.

"[Democrats] started their impeachment effort last Wednesday".

What we have learned to date from these ongoing investigations and the Congressional hearing last week is that everything Trump touches has criminal overtures, and nearly everyone who is associated with Trump in these endeavors now find themselves under investigation, being indicted or pleading guilty to various sundry crimes related to Russian Federation, bank fraud or lying to federal investigators or to Congress.

Cohen, Trump's former personal lawyer, found himself caught in Mueller's crosshairs.

Last week, Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen in congressional testimony accused the president of committing crimes including campaign finance violations and potential tax fraud.

Aware that the shift to divided government would usher in an onslaught of investigations, the White House began making defensive moves late a year ago. The House Oversight and Reform Committee has launched multiple investigations into all facets of the administration. "And they've never stopped". A separate set of requests are focused on potential corruption-related issues that stem from the US president's business practices and reported extramarital affairs. He also appeared before the panel last week behind closed doors.

But former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told Ingraham that Democrats are simply trying to "delegitimize" Trump. "And that's basically what the Democrats are launching - all of them", Fleischer said.

  • Jon Douglas