Victims killed, injured during school shooting in Brazil

The hooded teenagers opened fire in a public school in the suburb of Suzano, killing six people before taking their own lives, the Associated Press reports.

Salles said the gunmen used at least one.38 caliber pistol, along with homemade bombs and a crossbow.

Students gathered outside the school recounted harrowing attacks and seeing several bodies lying in pools of blood.

Authorities said five students and an administrator at the school were killed.

"When I arrived at the was chaotic".

"My friend was stabbed in the shoulder and my other friend was shot", she said.

The two gunmen killed themselves after the attack, police say.

"I heard a lot of screaming", she said.

Doria said the school had been evacuated and police were inspecting what appeared to be possible explosives left by the shooters.

A soldier of the military police battalion and his dog take part in an instructional exercise with officers of an elite unit of the French police, who is responsible for anti-terrorist actions in France, at Terminal 1 of the Tom Jobim International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 25, 2016.

Latin America's most populous nation has the largest number of annual homicides in the world, but school shootings are rare.

Gun laws have been extremely strict in Brazil since 2003 when former leftist President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva signed measures that prevented ordinary citizens from carrying guns.

Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro made relaxing gun control a cornerstone of his campaign previous year.

"We can't let those who take advantage of this tragedy speak about how disarmament is the solution", he tweeted, adding: "Weak and shameful 'disarmament farce, ' which gave guns to criminals and prevented self-defence".

  • Jon Douglas