Google is launching its own game studio to create Stadia-exclusive games

With Google Stadia, cloud gaming is about to get a lot more interactive - especially on the streaming front. "The new generation of gaming is not a box".

Here's how playing a game should work, an example given on stage: You see an official trailer for a new game on YouTube, you click Play Now. and you're playing the game within five seconds.

Stadia will work on TVs, tablets, laptops, and phones. Players can control their characters using mice and keyboards, USB controllers or a new WiFi-enabled controller developed by Google.

Standard USB controllers will be compatible with Stadia but if you're looking for something a bit different, consider Google's own gamepad.

Google says it plans to launch a streaming platform called Stadia in a bid to revolutionise the multi-billion-dollar video game industry. The service will stream games in 4K at 60 frames per second in HDR with surround sound over a 25 Mbps internet connection. If you've got 15 minutes to spare, you can watch the full Stadia analysis, below.

The Stadia Controller does bring a couple of advantages. For what it's worth, sets of icons shown on Google's event stream even before the game began hinted at some of the games that could be on the service. AMD's processors come with much more L3 cache than Intel's models, but it is possible the processor could also come with the new Zen 2 microarchitecture that will debut with the Ryzen 3000-series processors.

Due the sheer amount of computing power and the fact everything will be running on Google hardware, Battle Royale titles could support thousands of players, and there is no way for anyone to cheat or hack games. Right now, if gamers want to play a specific title, they need to buy both a bulky gaming console - either XBox, Wii, or PS4 - and then purchase a specific title as either a physical disc or download a large file.

There is no physical console with Stadia, only the controller, with the platform being the Stadia servers. Crowd Play, a feature that's built into Stadia, will allow you to join a streamer's game any time while they're streaming.

If you're stuck, either in your game or your friend's, Google Assistant integration will allow you to access guides and walkthroughs on-demand. Google showed off how developers could build their games around this multiplayer experience to allow a better squad-based gaming experience that will allow players in a squad to keep an eye on their squadmates at all times, with each player having their own Stadia instance. It will make exclusive content for Stadia and will be run by Jade Raymond, the longtime game producer whose credits include the creation of the Assassin's Creed franchise at Ubisoft.

  • Jacqueline Ellis