Apple Working to Launch its New Gaming Subscription Service

Apple is hosting a special event today to announce that is expected to be a new streaming service to take on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The Apple video service will be tied to a TV app that is already pre-installed on Apple devices, putting the company's content at the fingertips of hundreds of millions of potential viewers. Apple also noted Monday that its Apple TV app brings together different streaming services and traditional cable subscriptions.

How to watch live streaming of Apple's launch event? However, there is news circulating that the Apple Stores and Apple Service Centers can solve the issue without the involvement of any party.

Last week the tech firm announced several surprise device updates, including the first new iPad mini tablet, and second generation AirPods wireless earphones.

A lot of people thought Apple publicly turned on its March 25 event live stream early, which also had some occasional curtain raising for teasers like people cleaning the stage to a video of a dancer to an incoming iPhone call from Captain America actor Chris Evans.

Expected to launch later this year, BritBox is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV into the TV streaming market.

The plan appears perfectly adapted to the market: due to the accessibility of mobile devices in India, thanks to cheap data plans, Indians are increasingly consuming streaming content on their mobile devices.

But the Silicon Valley company has a history of making quick progress when coming from behind: It launched its Apple Music streaming service years after rival Spotify Technology SA but has garnered 50 million listeners, almost half of Spotify's 96 million premium subscribers. Apple will collect the monthly fee, divide the developers' cut based on how often their games were played, and keep the rest. All that said, even if we do get a peek at this bundle on Monday the lion's share of attention is still no doubt going to fall on Apple's video plans.

Sources have been buzzing with a small secret that Apple would like to begin the news subscription channel or service. It now offers Apple Music, and if the reports are correct, it will soon offer a news reading service and television platform as well. It will include access to more than 200 magazines as well as newspapers like The Wall Street Journal. The basic Netflix streaming plan in India starts from $7.27 (Rs 500) and the test plan would slash the existing subscription plan exactly by half.

  • Jacqueline Ellis