UK Cabinet still seeking way forward on Brexit

He spoke to Nick Ferrari ahead of the Prime Minister's mammoth Cabinet session to try and break the Brexit deadlock.

If passed into law, the bill would require the PM to ask for an extension of Article 50 - which mandates the UK's exit from the European Union - beyond the current 12 April deadline.

Mr Corbyn said: We will meet the Prime Minister.

Parliament on Monday rejected four alternatives, with proposals for a customs union failing by three votes.

'And we need to be clear what such an extension is for: to ensure we leave in a timely and orderly way.

Mr Bradshaw said the "only way" to move forward with Brexit was to allow a public vote on the deal, despite its 12-vote defeat.

The Cabinet is scheduled to meet for five hours Tuesday amid calls for compromise to prevent a potentially devastating no-deal exit in just 10 days.

"However people voted in the referendum in 2016, whether they voted remain or they voted leave, they didn't vote for lower living standards, they didn't vote to lose their jobs".

"We are now in a really risky situation with a serious and growing risk of no-deal in 10 days' time", said opposition Labour lawmaker, Yvette Cooper, who has proposed the legislation alongside eleven others from several political parties, including members of May's Conservatives.

"This is a decisive moment in the story of these islands and it will require national unity to deliver the national interest", said May. "Not the fantasy Brexit that was sold to them in 2016", he said.

"She needs to put forward a proposal, including saying how long an extension she thinks we need to sort things out".

Michel Barnier said a long extension to the UK's 12 April exit date had "significant risks for the EU" and a "strong justification would be needed".

Even Remainer QC Jo Maugham, who was behind the case that resulted in the European Court of Justice ruling the United Kingdom could unilaterally withdraw Article 50, explained that the bill was impractical, with an unworkable time scale and missing other significant details, the lawyer lamenting, "This is hopeless when we are so very near to No Deal".

Despite the difficulties of a chaotic exit, "the European Union will be able to manage", Barnier said, although he warned that "not everything will be smooth".

"If the Government won't act urgently, then Parliament has a responsibility to try to ensure that happens even though we are right up against the deadline". "But it is definitely worth trying", he added.

  • Anthony Vega