Trump visits border wall On Air

The President made a visit to a new two-mile barrier put in place along the US-Mexico border in Calexico, California.

The President stopped in Calexico, California, on Friday afternoon to tour replacement border fencing and participate in a border security roundtable.

For years, Trump's solution to illegal immigration was to build a wall on the border, which he originally said Mexico would pay for.

"We have our system full".

"The system is full".

President Donald Trump went Friday to the Mexican border to deliver a message to would be illegal immigrants: the United States has no room left to take them.

It's become a complete mess for trucks hauling goods from Mexico to the US, snarling transport at some of the busiest border crossings in the world. Can't take you anymore. Can't take you anymore, I'm sorry. "That's the way it is". "Once it becomes clear that Stephen's policies aren't working, he tells the president, 'They're not the right people'".

In a letter to IRS General Counsel Brent McIntosh on Friday, Consovoy called the request "a transparent effort by one political party to harass an official from the other party because they dislike his politics and speech".

"It's a scam, it's a hoax".

In an interview with Fox News taped at the border on Friday and aired Saturday, Trump rejected the idea of calling an immigration "summit" with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the leaders of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. "So our system is full".

When Trump declared the border situation a national emergency in February, prominent Democrat lawmakers denied there was a crisis at all, only to be rebuked by border security professionals, including some officials from the administration of Trump's predecessor Barack Obama.

Trump on Thursday threatened to impose tariffs on automobiles made in Mexico and close the southern USA border if the country did not stop "massive amounts of drugs" coming into the United States within one year.

"There is indeed an emergency on our southern border", Trump said at the briefing, adding that there has been a sharp uptick in illegal crossings.

"Mexico understands that we're going to close the border, or I'm going to tariff the cars".

But by Tuesday, he suggested on Twitter that Mexico was heeding his demand: "Mexico is apprehending large numbers of people at their Southern Border".

The President's latest pronouncements are in response to a rising number of migrants, many of them families with children, travelling northward from Central America through Mexico and to the U.S. border.

The California trip followed a retreat from earlier threats to close the border, which had sparked fears of serious economic damage.

"I'll do it", he said.

"If you look at our southern border, the number of people and the amount of drugs, human trafficking - the human trafficking is something that nobody used to talk about, I talk about it". But the three automakers have loudly protested Trump's previous threat to impose tariffs on vehicles and auto parts from around the world.

Trump, during Friday's roundtable on the border, called his one-year warning on a southern U.S. border closure "fake news".

  • Jon Douglas