Fortnite is getting Apex Legends-style respawns

Reboot Cards are also coming in as a new item, which a player drops when dying.

However, an audio cue and giant light beam will be emitted from the Fortnite Reboot Van that you are using in order to alert enemy players in the surrounding area that a respawn is now taking place.

"Fortnite" is finally getting a respawn system in the form of Reboot Vans.

In a video, Fortnite introduces the new feature that will revolutionize Epic's Battle Royale. Now, Apex Legends has some new features to offer and it seems Fortnite wants a slice of the pie.

When will the reboot van arrive?

Your teammates won't have any items when they bounce back, so they'll need to leech off whoever revived them or scramble to find whatever hasn't already been picked over, but at least you'll have the numbers in your favour again.

The Reboot Van will allow players to resurrect their teammates in the Duos, Trios, and Squads modes.

"Rebooted" players appear appear on top of the van, if multiple players have been revived, they will do so one by one.

The ability to be able to have eliminated teammates be able to respawn back into a match became a fan favorite feature for battle royale players with its implementation in Apex Legends.

Reboot Vans go on a cooldown to recharge after used the first time. Teammates will drop banners upon being eliminated that can be taken by their other teammates to Respawn Beacons where they will be brought back into the game.

Season 8 launched last month and vans were found all over the map. Fortnite was quick to respond to Apex's popularity, and to copy some of the ideas it brought to the table. Adding more fuel to the fire, additional data strings were featured in the 8.20 Content Update on Tuesday.

  • Latoya Cobb