Pence confronts Venezuelan ambassador at UN: ‘You shouldn’t be here’

The Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, today (10 Apr) called on the United Nations "to revoke the credentials of Venezuela's representative to the United Nations, recognize interim president Juan Guaidó, and seat the representative of the free Venezuelan government without delay".

All bank accounts belonging to Venezuela's diplomatic organisations based in the USA have been frozen by Washington, Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations Samuel Moncada said on Wednesday. "And today, we urge every member of the Security Council and all United Nations member states to support this resolution".

After the Security Council meeting, Pence told reporters he believed that the momentum is on the side of the USA position.

After issuing a scathing rebuke of the Venezuelan government at a special session of the UN Security Council, Pence told CBS News the administration remained committed to considering "all options" when carrying out its strategy on Venezuela.

The Trump administration has also strongly supported the leadership challenge by National Assembly President Juan Guaidó, who is recognized by the USA and more than four dozen other governments as Venezuela's interim president.

Russian U.N. representative Vassily Nebenzia pushed back and said much of what the vice president said came from Guaido.

"Now it's time for the United Nations to act, and for the world to stand with the people of Venezuela as they march for freedom", Pence said.

"There is a clear move here to undermine our rights", Moncada said, "and if they can undermine our rights, they can undermine the rights of all members of this organization, so we must categorically reject this".

Russia, Iran, China and Cuba are among the countries that have backed Maduro, while most Latin American countries have recognized Guaido.

"We shall promote the road of cooperation and worldwide support, in favour of the people", Maduro said.

Media Stakeout by Mr. Mike Pence, Vice President of the USA, on the situation in Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The International Monetary Fund will not have any contact with Venezuela, nor allow the country to access its reserves held by the institution, until the international community recognises a government in Caracas, an IMF spokesman has said. He urged the make a distinction between the political and humanitarian questions, and amp up efforts to provide humanitarian relief.

  • Jon Douglas