OIC calls for dialogue in Sudan after Bashir's ouster

Sudanese protesters on Sunday demanded the country's military rulers "immediately" hand power over to a civilian government that should then bring ousted leader Omar al-Bashir to justice.

Bashir remained in custody and his National Congress Party on Saturday called on the military council to release arrested personnel.

In a statement, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) urged all Sudanese parties to "pursue constructive dialogue with a view to maintaining peace and social cohesion in the country and achieving aspirations of the Sudanese people for a peaceful transfer of power".

Sudanese protesters demanded new military rulers set up a civilian government as the foreign ministry called Sunday for backing from the global community to help the country's "democratic transition".

The new leader of Sudan's interim military council vowed yesterday to "uproot the regime" in a conciliatory speech two days after a military coup, the BBC reported.

"The deputy chairman acquainted the US diplomat with the development of the situations in the country, the reasons behind the formation of the transitional military council and the steps made by the council to preserve security and stability in Sudan", said the statement by presidential palace's press administration.

Sudanese women have been at the forefront of the protests.

In separate statements issued late Saturday, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates issued statements in support of Sudan's transitional military council.

The police said that 16 people had been killed in live fire in Khartoum alone over the previous two days as NISS agents led a desperate last stand for Bashir before the army intervened.

"We were not invited to this meeting. we will submit our suggestions for the government to the military council", a spokesman for SPA told Reuters.

"We will continue. our sit-in until all our demands are met", including the formation of a fully civilian government, Degier said.

Burhan declared an end to night-time curfews and ordered the release of all detained protesters.

Celebrations erupted on the streets of Khartoum overnight following Ibn Auf's resignation.

He also nominated Mohammad Hamdan Daglo - known as Himeidti - a field commander for the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) counter-insurgency unit, which rights groups have accused of abuses in war-torn Darfur.

The military council under Ibn Auf had said it would not extradite Bashir to face accusations of genocide at the worldwide war crimes court. A new Transitional Military Council was formed on April 13, after the people decisively rejected the initial military leadership who had a close association with the former regime.

Meanwhile, Sudan's foreign ministry on Sunday urged the worldwide community to back the country's new military rulers to help "democratic transition". Most pressingly, the continuing peaceful protests must not be met with violence from any quarter.

Burhan's nomination "reflects the ambitions of the brotherly people of Sudan for security, stability and development", UAE state news agency WAM said.

Thousands of protesters have been gathered outside the Army General Command for more than a week.

But Saudi Arabia backed the transitional military council and promised an aid package including, wheat, medicine and "petroleum products", the Saudi Press Agency reported Saturday.

  • Jon Douglas