Conservatives trounce extreme pro-abortion government in Alberta election

However, Notley's congratulation to Kenney and the UCP was accompanied by a guarantee to serve as a "rigorous and robust opposition, holding government to account".

There are few signs his opinion has improved during Trudeau's term as prime minister. It's not just coincidental.

He urged the incoming provincial government to provide tax relief and less red tape, calling for more flexibility in employment rules and the minimum wage for smaller firms.

Alberta joins Saskatchewan as the only province or territory in the country with only two-party representation in the legislature.

It could tip the scales in at least three ridings, all now led by UCP candidates.

Kenney has stated that, if elected, he would proclaim the Education Act, which would replace the NDP's School Act and numerous amendments that came along with Bill 24 - most notably, the requirement for school principals to grant permission for students to form gay-straight alliances immediately and for all schools to have public policies that protect LGBTQ+ students.

Speaking to supporters at her Edmonton headquarters, Notley touted her government's accomplishments and said she will stay on as NDP leader. Ontario Premier Doug Ford, whose province is one of three challenging the federal carbon tax, told reporters Tuesday that he hopes Kenney wins the election.

Kenney has committed to scrapping Alberta's carbon tax and challenging the federal backstop that would quickly swing in to replace it. Moe said that makes five premiers who share the same opposition to Justin Trudeau's signature environmental policy. He has long criticized Notley's government as an enabler of federal policies detrimental to Alberta's oil and gas industry. Existing facilities with carbon dioxide emissions above 100,000 will have to reduce their emission intensity by 10% relative to their average performance between 2016 and 2018.

"Together, we will address issues of importance to Albertans and all Canadians, including. taking decisive action on climate change while getting our natural resources to market".

Another voter carrot was the promise to end the despised carbon tax, which Kenney has said will be one of the first tasks of his new government.

Near ideal: Ahead of the Alberta vote prepared a seat projection for Maclean's using its electoral model, which simulates results using opinion polls, demographic data and electoral history.

I was very disappointed to hear what some British Columbians said about Alberta and Albertans on a radio show on Tuesday.

"That's a little bit premature", she said.

"We've had enough flip flopping in Canada on issues", said Findlay Hall.

For the first time since 1993, representatives from only two of Alberta's political parties will be heading to the legislature.

"With this election, we begin to stand up for ourselves, for our jobs and for our future".

Alberta is about to see a brand new premier at the head of the Legislative Assembly, which means that some big changes are coming to the province.

The UCP also says it will launch a constitutional challenge to Bill C-69, an overhaul of the assessment process for major energy infrastructure in Canada.

There is also widespread frustration at the lack of progress on building new oil export pipelines.

Kenney has derisively called it "the Trudeau-Notley alliance" - a partnership he says has turned Alberta into a doormat for Trudeau and other oil industry foes in return for no more than a faint and as yet unrealized promise of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to the west coast.

  • Essie Rivera