National Football League trade rumors: Dolphins acquire Josh Rosen

Instead, Murray will get the chance to be the Cardinals' starting quarterback from day one, earning significantly more at this stage than he would have as a minor league baseball player. If that trade alone ended there fans would be generally thrilled.

This news comes after he was number nine overall pick by the Oakland Athletics previous year.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Thursday before the first round started that the Dolphins and Giants were two teams that had discussed making a trade for Rosen with the Cardinals. It was possible that they could hold onto him, but trading him made far more sense.

This would be a nice move for them too.

It's important to note that this trade doesn't necessarily mean that the Dolphins are in win-now mode. The Dolphins basically drafted Minkah Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen for a late 2019 2nd round draft pick and a 2020 5th round pick. "As for the Cardinals, they at least got something for Rosen, but the return has to be disappointing after they traded up to grab him at No. 10 overall previous year".

Still not convinced? O.k. you can look at it this way then. That nearly certainly means Josh Rosen will be traded, though his list of potential landing spots has dwindled because of what happened in the first round.

After already being linked to trade talks leading into Friday morning, the Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins are reportedly closing in on a deal. The 2nd round pick was a push since they gained that pick back next year. However, just how much better he makes the team is entirely reliant on the ability of Keim and Kingsbury to build out a strong supporting cast to help ease their young quarterback into the NFL.

After a disastrous single-year stint with the Arizona Cardinals, Josh Rosen is free from the shackles of bad management and is heading east.

  • Angelo Rivera