Military helicopter crashes on the outskirts of Caracas, killing 7

Opposition leader Juan Guaido took his quest to win over Venezuela's troops back to the streets, calling his supporters to participate in an outreach to soldiers outside military installations across the country. "I trust you, but keep your eyes open; a handful of traitors can not tarnish the honor, the unity, the cohesion and the image of the armed forces", the president said.

Maduro accuses the US government of trying to foment a coup against him by backing opposition leader Juan Guaido, who denounces Maduro as illegitimate and has assumed a rival presidency.

Amid political unrest in Venezuela, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday that President Nicolas Maduro is "ruling for the moment", but can not be part of the country's future, adding that the Venezuelan people "will demand" that he leave office.

But there was a small turnout for the marches, with participants in the hundreds, not the thousands.

Maduro's government accuses the US and others of launching an "economic war" against Venezuela, blaming it for most of the country's problems.

Guaido was continuing his efforts to persuade the armed forces to abandon Maduro.

The country's attorney general Tarek William Saab said Friday that 18 arrest warrants had been issued for "civilian and military conspirators" following the failed uprising, with lieutenant colonels among the uniformed personnel being sought.

Maduro is also seeking to shore up his support among the armed forces and visited a military base on Saturday for the third straight day.

Karl asked Pompeo if Maduro would still be in power if he did not have the support of the Cuban and Russian governments.

Pompeo called on Russia, Cuba and Iran to end their support for the Maduro regime.

As recently as Friday, US President Donald Trump's security team met at the Pentagon to discuss potential options in dealing with the Venezuelan political crisis, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warning Maduro that he "is not someone who can be part of Venezuela's future".

"We say to the traitors, to the coup-making oligarchy, to imperialism, the slogan that marks this historical time".

  • Jon Douglas