Trump and Putin spoke by phone, discussed Mueller report

China has expressed interest in joining a nuclear deal between USA and Russia, President Donald Trump said Friday.

"We're talking about a nuclear agreement where we make less and they make less and maybe where we get rid of some of the tremendous firepower that we have right now", he said.

That conversation also included a discussion of "the possibility of having conversations with China" about joining a new nuclear arms treaty, Sanders said.

Sanders said Trump and Putin spoke for a little over an hour and had a good discussion.

Another day, another ridiculous excuse passed along by surrogates and White House officials to the public in order to disguise President Trump's irresponsible, or more likely, flat out corrupt behavior when it comes to Russia's actions during the 2016 presidential election or the coming 2020 campaign.

"We didn't discuss that", he said.

The call was revealed by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who gave details to reporters during a gaggle, and later by Trump himself. Trump conveyed to Putin "the need and importance of Russian Federation stepping up and continuing to help and put pressure on North Korea to denuclearize", she said.

Putin asked Trump to take 'steps to ease the sanctions pressure on North Korea, ' according to the embassy's readout.

Despite the president's waffling on the subject, Mueller's report about the evidence of interference was unequivocal.

In the night of Saturday - only a few hours after the phone call between Trump and Putin North Korea has carried out for the first time in 2017 and again test the missile.

On Venezuela, Trump said he focused on humanitarian aid for Venezuelans during his talk with Putin, backing away from his administration's recent harsh rhetoric about Russian involvement in the crisis.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

The two leaders, said Sanders, also talked about the situation in Ukraine.

Trump did condemn efforts by Russian Federation or any other country to interfere in America's elections during the 2016 election.

Mr Trump said Mr Putin described the Russia investigation as "something to the effect that it started off as a mountain and it ended up being a mouse", adding the Russian president "knew there was no collusion whatsoever". "We did not discuss that", Trump said, reiterating that accusations of collusion with Russian Federation were "a total hoax".

Regarding North Korea, Trump's focus was on "the importance of Russian Federation stepping up and continuing to help and put pressure on North Korea to denuclearise", Sanders said. He has repeatedly declined to publicly rebuff Putin for the 2016 operation.

Later Friday, unnamed sources told CNN that President Trump had asked questions "about the reliability of United States intelligence" on Venezuela, given that the expected military uprising hoped for by opposition leader Juan Guaido "and some USA officials" earlier this week failed to pay off. But I guess in Trump's case, it's completely fine if those attacks benefit him politically.

  • Jon Douglas