Jill Biden: Husband Has Learned to Give Others Their Space

"Joe Biden is a friend of mine, and we worked together on some issues when he was vice president", Sanders said, soft-pedaling his answer as the Democratic crowd listened carefully.

The two top-tier candidates were followed by South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 8% and Sen. I think that's a good change, and Joe has heard that message, ' she said. In her new book, "Where the Light Enters", Biden defended the former vice president as coming from a "family of huggers", but said the women who have come forward were "courageous" in doing so.

He said he would not shy away from responding to the president if directly attacked.

He said that Biden, along with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist, are "advocating a socialist agenda of more government, higher taxes and the same exhausted policies that created the malaise of the last administration where we saw less than 2% economic growth".

In the above clip, Bash first asks Biden why now is the right time for her husband to run for office.

"You know, when I talked about a $15 minimum wage ... four years ago that was too radical, that was extreme", he said.

"I get thousands of Biden supporters coming to the site every day who fail to realize that it is a parody - asking for volunteer information, donation information, suggestions on how to handle the [Anita Hill] situation, or criticizing his use of "All men are created equal" - no joke", the person said. "I only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign. So it was hard, and that's what I try to get across to my students - that you really acts of kindness are so important, because you never really know what's behind someone's smile".

And she told CNN the Biden family will not take the president's "bait" should he come after them.

The 2020 race is her 14th time campaigning for her husband or late son, Beau. And I think that's one of his strengths.

The parody site appears under the name "Joe Biden for President 2020" and appears pretty legit at a glance.

While he still considers politics to be about personal connection, he said he "will be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space". And so I was able to - once I established myself as the boys' mother and I think that they felt secure and loved - I made a decision to go back to teaching, so I sort of dipped my toe back in, I started back part-time and then I went full-time.

She said she remained uncertain whether to support Sanders, Biden or another candidate.

  • Jon Douglas