Audi confirms TT will be replaced by all-electric model

Power figures should be around the range of the current Audi TT, going up to 400PS and the range could be around the 500km mark.

Previewed by the 1995 TT and TTS Roadster concepts, the model was named after the Isle of Man's Tourist Trophy and was an instant hit thanks to its retro-inspired styling which was created to recall the "rounded shapes of the pre-War racing cars and post-War sedans of Auto Union".

The Audi TT has been one of Audi's most recognisable cars, mainly because of the cutesy first-gen model. "In a few years, we will replace the TT with a new emotive model in the same price range: with an electric auto".

Schot also confirmed the new Q3 Sportback will be revealed in July, also indicating the company plans to expand the Sportback brand "across our entire portfolio to A and Q models".

We expect this to be a sports auto, and Audi has confirmed that pricing will be along the lines of the current TT.

Audi outlined a strategy focused on sustainability that includes 20 battery-powered models at its annual meeting here on Thursday. "We are making this into the key element of supplier agreements", Schot said.

In the meeting, Alexander Seitz, CFO, Audi said, "We're shedding old baggage". We think either concept would fit the "emotive" description and stand apart from the current TT, and both would slot into segments that are quickly gaining electric entries-four-door "coupes" and sporty crossovers.

We'll just have to wait and see as to what kind of "emotive" electrified sports cars Audi might unveil in the near future. But maybe the two could be combined. e-TTron? Okay, we'll stop now. The iconic sports vehicle has helped Audi out of sales doldrums and later in 2000 it helped the carmaker to create its global presence. In the same speech, Schot also said that the company's new "focusing" conversations have led Audi to ask if the R8 needs a successor with an internal-combustion engine, adding fuel to recent fires hinting that the R8's replacement will also go electric.

  • Anthony Vega