Melania Trump's spokeswoman to be next White House press secretary

She had been seen as a top contender for the White House press secretary job since Sanders announced her resignation from the position earlier this month.

Stephanie Grisham has been announced to succeed Sarah Huckabee Sanders as White House press secretary. In 2016, she worked as a staffer for Trump's presidential campaign and, four years before that, she worked on Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

The first lady made the announcement in a tweet, saying that Grisham, 42, will also become the White House communications director.

Sanders said Grisham will continue serving the first lady as she transitions into her new job and will travel with the president as press secretary to the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka and then to Seoul, ABC News reported.

She joined Trump's campaign as a press aide in 2015, and has served as the first lady's spokeswoman since 2017.

Throughout her tenure in the administration, Ms Grisham has been fiercely loyal to the first lady and the Trump family.

Once part of the campaign, Grisham wrangled media as Trump canvassed the country.

Here are three things to know about the new White House press secretary.

Whether Grisham would bring back the daily press briefing was unclear.

Sanders' last day at the White House is Friday. It was his wife who said in a tweet that her trusted aide was switching jobs.

When he took no apparent action, Grisham spoke directly to Melania Trump, who in turn spoke to her husband privately. "I will miss her honest love of country & great sense of humor at the @WhiteHouse - no matter what the future holds, I wish her (and her lovely family) the very best!"

It is a smart move that the next press secretary will, like Sarah Sanders, be a working mom. "Stephanie might not be the first name that comes to mind for this role, but she's the one person inside or outside the building who everyone nods their head and says, 'She'd be great'".

Within two days, Ricardel had been dismissed from the White House by the President and Melania Trump had staked claim that she and her staff are not to be tangled with.

It's a big step for Grisham, who will also serve as White House communications director.

  • Jon Douglas