Feminist icon Maura Higgins the stand out star of Love Island

Amy is still left saddened by the recent Recoupling, as while Curtis chose to remain loyal to her, he has since confessed he had feelings for new girl Jourdan and wanted to couple-up with her.

Maura, who is now enjoying the company of both Dennon and Marvin, is tasked with snogging the Islander who she thinks has the nicest lips. Casa Amor came to an end, and with it, the Islanders had to recouple, with devastating consquences.

He also had some advice for his sibling, saying: "For me, stick to what you're doing".

On the sun deck, Amy says to Curtis "I'm going to read stuff off my phone as a prompt".

With Amy dropping the L-bomb whilst Curtis has been making moves on Jourdan, there is clearly trouble in paradise... but what lies in store for this couple?

Lucie replied: "I just feel stupid because at the start I don't know why I didn't choose you".

Others praised him for taking inspiration from Rihanna lyrics ('only girl in the world') and Tom Cruise in 1996 rom-com Jerry Maguire ('you complete me'). I'm deeply sorry. I do want you to know that I'm still here for you'.

She said to him: "I don't think you ever actually liked me at all".

When Lucie walked in hand-in-hand with her new man, dishy builder George Raines, fans thought they spotted a flicker of jealousy cross Tommy's face, and a glimpse of a longing from Lucie.

Amber tells him: "It's alright. I've known you for how many weeks now?" "I pulled a girl for a chat, I spoke to her". I can't get annoyed for someone fancying him. He captioned it "Am I bothered?"

And since Amber has returned from Casa Amor single, both her and Michael have kept apart from one another.

In a further discussion with Tommy, he tells the boxer: "I've been lying in mine and Amy's relationship without even realising it".

"But she did also make it clear she wouldn't be made to look like a mug so it's fair to say that things with Danny are well and truly over".

Rather than apologising for his decision, he appeared to blame Amber for things that were wrong in their relationship, and called her "childish".

Belle is fascinating as she is the daughter of actor Tamer Hassan who co-starred alongside Danny Dyer in the 2005 movie, The Business.

With heads turning left, right and centre, it seems that everything could change tonight - so how will the couples look after the Recoupling and who will be dumped from the Island? "I don't say things if I don't mean it".

  • Jacqueline Ellis