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Johnny Depp

While everybody’s watching out for the fourth installment of the film Pirates of Caribbean and the returning act of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, it was learned that Depp was not the first and original choice to do the character of Jack Sparrow.

According to screenwriter Stuart Beattie, “I initially wrote that character with Hugh Jackman in mind.” He further spilled, “Hence the name Captain JACK Sparrow,” because Beattie was inspired with actor Jackman.

Beattie also explained why they have chosen Depp instead of Jackman in doing the odd pirate’s character in the film. Beattie revealed that at the time, Jackman was a prominent actor in Australia. However, Jackman was not yet that big and famous on the international scene. With this case, Beattie decided that the casting will hunt down another awesome actor and that is Johnny Depp.

Beattie also shared, “I spent ten years pitching it to Disney and they weren’t interested.” The screenwriter shared that he really had a long time struggling to get the “yes” of Disney and make the film into reality. He sort of set aside, then, his script for Pirates and went on to write other big budgeted films such as Collateral, G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, and 30 Days of Night. Then finally, Beattie got a call and made everything for the Pirates of Caribbean.

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