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kitchen appliancesPower surges used to only hurt appliances with sensitive equipment and machinery in them, such as home theater equipment, televisions, networking gear, printers and computers. However, most of these appliances now have power surge protectors. Still, it is still recommended that you should unplug all these appliances just to be on the safe side of things.

However, these are not the only appliances that you need to take care of whenever a potential power surge arises. There are sensitive appliances in the kitchen as well, now that a lot of kitchen appliances, such as the refrigerator, have incorporated computerized control boards. An example scenario that could happen when you fail to keep a power surge from hurting your refrigerator is that the controller could be damaged and failed to turn on the compressor.

Kitchen and Home Appliances have indeed gotten smarter, but they now incorporate sensitive components, doing away with electromechanical thermostats, for example, for the sake of energy efficiency. There are specifications by Energy star that all appliance manufacturers want to comply, and the only way they could do so is by using computerized control boards. The best way to resolve this is by using surge suppressor strips for all of your appliances.

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